Here we are folks, the dream we all dream of

In the immortal words of Professor James Morrison, RIP, no-one here gets out alive. Be honest with yourselves, do you fear death? There’s absolutely no reason to be afraid, live life to the full, have no regrets over things you do, only opportunities you miss and try to put them right. Death comes to us all sooner or later. The lucky ones are those who can do what they want, but don’t envy them try to emulate them and embrace life while you can. Whenever you stop living to the full, embrace death after all it’s only a long sleep. You will return to the reckoning in the spiritual life after this one, if there is such a thing.

I have probably been closer to death more often than anyone else, yet in survive. I don’t fear death, I want to know what’s on the other side of the mirror. I may not believe in one supernatural being who created all of the galaxies (personally I think he had help. Not that anyone knows for sure). There has to be a plane beyond the physical, after all this Hell can’t be all there is for us. How do we find it? I’ve tried mind expanding chemicals, meditation and prayer and I think I found an answer. I’ve had 2 or 3 out of body experiences where I have seen and heard things I shouldn’t have been privy to. Were they real? I don’t know but they felt real at the time.

Anyone who graduates from this university rarely comes back and those who do can’t tell us what lies beyond the yellow brick road. Outside the ivy covered walls of the University of Life is the unknown. That scares some people who want a reason to be here amongst us. As people keep pointing out, if you have no hope of escape then life has no meaning, you need some focus for your life. However, is there one true religion? One God above all of us? All religious preaching teach us only one thing: Love. Yet still our religious and spiritual leaders preach hatred, how often do we have to kill each other before we accept all our neighbours as equals and stop dying for this or that cause? I live my life respecting my fellow travellers on this journey. I don’t consider myself above or below anyone else on this train.

We are all the same inside, same doubts and fears, hopes and prayers, we all should embrace our uniqueness and not try to destroy the uniqueness of our neighbours. As has been stated before, but is still true, knives and guns don’t kill people, the person holding the knife, he with his finger on the trigger of the gun, that’s what kills people. I don’t carry a gun, not because it’s illegal to bear arms, I don’t have one because those who live that way will die that way. Call me a dreamer, a philosopher, a romantic if you like, those are merely labels. Call my brother a wop, a nigger, or any other derogatory term and you belittle yourself, not him. Words should not upset us, it’s only by letting them upset us we give them power. If we see them as words used by frightened little people with tiny minds then we remove their power and they return to being made up words by people trying to gain control of our lives.

I consider my words with care, after all I’m trying to understand my thought processes more than you are, possibly, doing. I don’t preach for any faith or doctrine as I don’t believe we listen to history. I would like to see my fellow travellers embrace each other and love one another. Let’s all, finally, live with our neighbours as equals, embrace our differences and diversity. Work together to end hunger, poverty and war. If we all help each other who knows what technological advances we could make?