Mercury’s rising floating on down

by davebarclay1954

Well, I had a strange call yesterday, out of the blue without applying, I was invited to an interview for a job which hasn’t been advertised. I thought things like that only happened to others, never to me. Just hope I can make a good impression today and keep the nerves in check.

Back to the real Nitty Gritty, even if I make a good first impression can I hide my mood swings and depression from them? The meds help but I stutter when I’m nervous, anxious or stressed. What is more stressful than being interviewed for a job you want, because it means getting paid for a hobby, never having to work again, and having money to pay for life’s little luxuries, like food.

If I’m successful, it will mean working 9-5 again, last time I did that was in the 70’s, jobs I’ve had since have been 8-4, shifts or 10-10 (working 10 hours between those times, 4 days a week). I know I can cope but it will mean either changing my lifestyle or catching up on sleep at the weekends.

Please wish me luck and then maybe I will have an even bigger chance to get this job.