Once I was a little bitty baby

by davebarclay1954

How far have I travelled down life’s long highway? Reading adventure stories and historical novels made me realise that as a species, human beings are still not treated fairly by our own species. What gives anyone the right to say this or that colour skin is the one we should all have?

I may be another voice shouting in the wilderness but more and more are taking up the mantle. We can’t change the past, no amount of money can compensate the horrors we, white Europeans, inflicted on indigenous people all over this planet. We can give them a voice, give them back their lands and ask, politely, if they will allow us to stay there.

In the case of Australia the land is certainly big enough for both but we should still give it back and ask if we can stay there, no longer as conquerors but as equals. Side by side, that has worked in South Africa, thanks in no small part to the strength of one man who was imprisoned for fighting against the occupier but did not seek revenge. A man we all know of and respect. Nelson Mandela could have taken revenge on those who kept him imprisoned for wanting to take control of his own destiny.

We have all seen how well he succeeded in uniting South Africa for all, regardless of colour of their skin. If you cut anyone of us, black, white, yellow or pink with green spots, do we not all bleed red? Of course we do! The colour of our skin means nothing, we are all born, live for a time and then die. We all have the same internal workings regardless of being oppressor or native. This world is dying because of the white man’s greed and stupidity. Species of animals and birds are being hunted to extinction, for no other reason than they look good. Leave them to be enjoyed by our children’s children’s children then. It seems to me the Native indigenous people of America (North and South) and those of Australia and New Zealand could have taught us so much if we hadn’t been so arrogant and believed ourselves superior to them.

What gave us the right to hunt down these people, our fellow human beings? To kill most and herd the rest into small areas of THEIR homelands taking the remainder for ourselves? We have no right to feel superior, no right to make them work for no pay (slavery can never be justified whether it is whites under the Roman and Greek empires, or black, yellow or white today). Everyone of us has a right to live without fear and to receive some payment for our labour. Freedom is not limited to one race, religion, or social standing: freedom is a right for all men, women and children on this small planet. We should stop and think before we destroy the very fragile ecosystem we have here. The mistakes made in the past should learned from and not keep being repeated every day. We have to stand together to stop the madness from continuing and complete destruction of this planet being achieved by the minority as it will affect us all.