When I find myself in times of trouble

by davebarclay1954

Mother Mary comes to me, yes we all know Let It Be, unless you’ve been living in a box for the last 45 years, or even a vacuum. I can’t imagine a world without music, music has tremendous power which has been proven time and time again.

A friend of mine once said, If music be the food of love then never let it stop. He was paraphrasing William Shakespeare of course, but the sentiment is there nevertheless for anyone with half an eye to see. If the world were to stop revolving, would everyone and everything on this planet really drift off into space? If gravity is created by centrifugal force shouldn’t we try and match this for the next generation of pioneers? After all, if we can study other systems in this universe how do we know (or presume to think) we are alone and this is the only inhabited planet in every universe within the multiverse.

Is it not possible that we were visited millennia ago by highly advanced and, to our ancestors, humanoid beings claiming to be gods? Perhaps, and that could have given rise to early religions springing up in Rome, Greece, Egypt, Peru, Brazil and Mexico. Why did the Peruvians and Egyptians both build pyramids? Could it have been suggested by visitors from another planet? If you look at the early drawings of saints and gods their heads are circled with haloes. Could these not have been helmets much as our cosmonauts and astronauts wear in the far reaches of outer space?

So, to go back to my original suggestion about music, how was that developed? Since mankind learned to communicate with language we have had music, musicians and instruments to play. The modern world of the 19th and 20th centuries saw the music being recorded, put on discs or rolls and being sold so that it could be enjoyed whenever the buyer decided the opportunity had presented itself.

Plato, the Greek philosopher, mentions musicians in some of his surviving books. This bears out my point that music and musicians have been around almost since the beginning of time. Some of those early musicians must have invented a musical language so that others could recreate their sounds whenever they wanted to entertain others. Through the Middle Ages and the Dark Ages we hear tell of wandering minstrels, singing songs of the deeds being done elsewhere. The fore runners of the town crier, or the news reader.

Music can create ambience, make you feel relaxed, upset, angry, sad or any other emotion you care to think of. Will music be around for all time? I have to say yes, in one form or another. After all we have used our ears to listen to music since the beginning of time so why would it not continue to inform, entertain, or get a message to the masses?