It’s even said that God is dead

by davebarclay1954

When will it ever stop? Despite no radio play whatsoever this was the song that had half a million people singing along at Woodstock in 1969. What is more powerful than music for uniting people behind a cause? If we all do 1 thing it’s lift our voices in song, albeit not everyone sings in tune.

This small insignificant rock, which carries us all on its surface, is under attack. In the search for oil, great forests have been cut down, oceans have been plundered and now the last great natural expanse is under threat. But wait, where are the people today? Have all the protesters been silenced? Surely there must be a voice left to sing with indignation about this atrocity? No, not one person. There were a lot of people gathering to protest the war, I was one, but nobody speaks out about wholesale destruction of the ecosystem that keeps this planet alive! Those who do are ridiculed by governments, trying to maintain a tenuous hold over their electorate.

If we all stand together, shoulder to shoulder, then we can topple governments, move mountains and create changes to the human mindset. What has inspired today’s post? I was listening to Country Joe’s album Incredible! Live! and started thinking about what has moved me the most over the last 60 years, and it all came down to music. Music has the power which no politician, or political party, can fight. Free speech is a right in the West as it should be everywhere. The next thing we have which is not as powerful is dramatic plays. Again this is powerful because it gives the audience the opportunity to think about the world around us.

Poverty is still rife, and will continue to be so, at least as long as there are corrupt governments skimming off the top any international aid sent to help the poorest. Where do we draw the line? In the “free” world, checks are in place to ensure this can’t happen in my back yard. There are no checks in the poorest countries. Why? We all know that aid for the poor isn’t getting through to the people most in need of it. People, like you and me, are being imprisoned trying to bring light to the masses and show how corrupt and unfeeling the regimes are.

Yet, the music is lacking, there are new plays written but nobody wants to shine a spotlight against these humanitarian thieves. Why is that, does anyone know? Or even care? Am I alone or do others share my view? Please send messages to Government in your country and tell them the war on poverty is continuing but we need to rid the “third world” of corruption and greed, by showing that we are capable of standing against greed and corruption in our own back yard.

Thank you to all who have continued reading to this point.