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Here we are folks, the dream we all dream of

It’s boy versus girl, in the World Series of love. After yesterday’s anger letting (should that be one word or hyphenated?) I thought I’d best come back with another humorous look at life so here I am.

Why is it called rush hour when nothing moves? What are we doing here? I won’t answer the first question and you my dear, patient reader, should be aware of why I think we are here. I will presume that I don’t have to go into details again, note I am not making an assumption as that makes an ass out of u and me.

Humanity, spirituality and welfare of all our brothers and sisters, still seem to be riding a back seat ever since the selfish and self centred 1980’s under Thatch and Reagan. Why is that? Could it be no one cares enough about our children’s children’s children? We seem hell bent to destroy any chance of leaving anything for our children never mind future generations. Is this the Dark Ages back to haunt this generation? Answers on a stamped undressed elephant to the usual address, please.

Why do the stars still shine, with ours being the brightest in the sky? Is it because we haven’t, as yet, passed the point of no return? In business breaking even is a bad thing, in life shouldn’t we aspire to do just that? Just because we are living in a material world should we forget all instinct to preserve this small, insignificant rock for future generations? What if we all gave up? Can you imagine life without Greenpeace or Amnesty International keeping us aware of plans to “ethnically” cleanse countries or let us know of huge multinational corporations attempts to destroy the ecosystem of this rock.

If people, exactly the same as you and I, make a stand against the “big bad boys” of corporate destruction shouldn’t we stand alongside them and be counted with them? The answer has to be personal, no one can decide for anyone else the action path they should follow. ‘Nuff said, in the immortal words of Stan Lee!

And here I go again

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, it strikes me as funny (peculiar) that every decade or so the Fascists start coming out of the woodwork. This time around I expected it to be the BNP who were going to try rising from the ashes but, at least in the North East, it’s a faction calling themselves the North England Patriots. The story is the same old same old, our problems are caused by immigrants who come here to steal our benefits blah blah blah.

Of course they want to close the border, cut us off from the rest of the planet and then no doubt they’d like to start a war. Who would they take on? Presumably the Marxist countries, Cuba and a few in Africa for starters. However, that’s how it always starts, then the Jews and Muslims would be targeted after all they are easy pray with their synagogues and mosques. We have to see these people for the evil manipulative scum they are and not fall under their spell. Remember the Germany of 1932? A leader (who instigated violent protests and killed or jailed the opposition) took the country into war with his only allies being the Italians and Japanese. This was an attempt to cover up the atrocities committed by his elite death squad. Rather than face capture he shot himself and his body was burned before the fall of Berlin.

I won’t forget the images from the newsreels of human beings so thin and undernourished that their sex could not be determined apart from the rags they were wearing. Now people would like you to believe that the death camps didn’t exist, it was a set up by the Jews to gain popularity and be allowed back into an area of the Middle East they had been kicked out of centuries before. I say it was no set up! There were mass graves found which each contained over a thousand bodies. The gas chambers were still in existence when the troops liberated these concentration camps, bodies were piled high in front of the incinerator ovens. This was no movie special effects, those kind of effects didn’t exist at that time. This was genocide on a large scale, genocide is still ongoing now, in Syria and other countries. It’s time we stood up to be counted and shout enough is enough. Time to raise our voices my friends as they can’t kill us all, especially with the world watching.