Is it in my head?

What makes people do the things they do, in the name of religion, thinking that it will not come back to bite them because it was done “for the glory of God, in his name with His blessing”? Rules and laws are set by men, not by God. In the Bible’s New Testament did Jesus not tell people that he lived by some simple rule, or commandment? Love? Why has that been forgotten? Why do Governments tell lies, to continue in power? Why are we fighting wars and killing our brethren? Even the Muslim Qur’ann preaches peace, love and understanding.

If holy men can preach hatred, death and destruction of anyone who dares follow a different path, does this mean religion is false? I think that people use religion to justify actions which aren’t done according to the doctrines followed by these fanatics. In the Bible we are told that God spoke to this person, or that person. He destroyed cities which had become an abomination to him. Do we not live in times where bloodshed, death and destruction are rife? Why, then has no-one heard the voice of God recently?

Could it be that God, call him what you will, has turned his back on this world and is instead concentrating on another world he has created? Or possibly even, and I know I’m going to be in trouble for putting this forward, God is dead? If God is truly Love personified, then why does He not strike down those bringing His name into disrepute? He has done so in the past so why not now?

If God is a God of peace, then why not make himself known and His displeasure of things happening in His name every day? If this universe was created by God, is being watched over by God, and He sees everything and knows the innermost thoughts and actions of everyone, why has He chosen to remain quiet? I think, and I act, to learn of the goodness of mankind, see what Nature does each and every cycle (yearly or otherwise) to show that life comes and goes.

Yes, my dear reader, I ponder the questions that we all face, and I have come to the conclusion that God, and again call Him what you will, has abandoned this planet and, if He ever existed, he has gone back to wherever He came from. Are we alone in the multiverse? I don’t think so, have we experienced visitors from another life form? I believe we have. I am not asking you to follow me, I don’t have the answers, but to question why? Live your life to the full, show Love, compassion and friendship to your brothers and sisters, even if they don’t appreciate the sentiment. In the words of John Lennon Give peace a chance. We have had enough wars to show violence is never the answer, violence brings death and destruction. War has but one friend, the undertaker. Wars are fought by men at the behest of politicians, kings, queens and presidents. Tell these people enough and lay down the right to say no by voting these people out of power or else getting them to realise they do not represent the people so there could be an uprising against them. Not with weapons, I’m against violence of any kind and believe peaceful protest is the way forward.