Well did you ever? What a swell party this is!

by davebarclay1954

I started drafting a blog here on Sunday, to cut a long story short I lost it when the iPad lost power. I’ve been trying to recover it ever since, but I think it’s gone forever ;( shame really as I can’t remember what I was saying now.

I think, therefore IBM. What does that phrase conjure up? Like the IBM created DOS (originally Dirty Operating System) this has also disappeared. Technology is still advancing rapidly which begs the question, when will computers stop being obsolete three months after purchase?


The more people have, the more they want. Take the modern desktop or laptop, Microsoft brought out Windows to rival Apple Technology’s OS. Did they need to do this? The answer is a resounding yes. Windows has become de rigeur for personal computers, businesses and most homes. Windows made Bill Gates a fortune, has continued to be developed and (some would not agree) prove useful for ease of use.

Apple have not rested on their laurels either, every piece of kit they introduce sells. From the iPod to iPod touch, iPhone and iPad Apple keep going from strength to strength. The iMac and iMac mini have proven strong contenders to rival Windows based computers. The MacBook is a complete package, made by Apple, with Apple software and applications. I believe that were it priced more competitively Apple may well have overtaken the rest of the playing field.


After all, who wants to pay £1200 for a laptop when they can buy a windows laptop, with better memory, a bigger hard drive and comparatively similar wifi capability for a fraction of the cost?


In these days of austerity, where money is tight, Windows based devices are getting cheaper, has Apple followed this trend? No they haven’t but that should not be a surprise to anyone. Apple have the high end of computer markets, just because there are fewer people at that end shouldn’t prevent them from introducing “cheaper” models to try and corner a bigger slice of the cake. ‘Nuff said.