Wouldn’t it be grand, boys, to be bloody well dead

Well, Sunday morning at 3a.m. And I’m still awake, loads going through my mind and I can’t switch off. I bit my tongue about 4 weeks ago and it’s still painful now, mind you the fact that my teeth keep breaking when I clean them isn’t helping the healing process. Because I’ve been so haphazard with this blog I’ve decided to try to maintain posts every week this year. Days may vary, some dark days I may have a rant but on the whole I will attempt to keep things light, airy and funny.

Of course I would welcome some feedback, dear reader, even if it’s to criticise my attempt as long as you can make some suggestions for ways to improve it would be graciously appreciated. I was thinking of trying out for a writing course to improve my writing skills but they all cost more than I can afford to pay.

Enough for this time of morning, I’m now going to try and get some sleep, wish me luck, won’t you?