Waterloo sunset’s fine

by davebarclay1954

I don’t mean to be coy, Roy just trying out my new keyboard. Not sure I like the screen sideways on though. I’ve turned it off and gone back to the iPad keypad. Less bother and the page is the right way around.

Have you ever wondered why it is that more people die at the end of December or beginning of January? I’m not talking about suicides as I understand why people who are prone to depression feel more alone, isolated and commit suicide at this time of year. I’m referring to the cold weather, homelessness, age or illness will also play it’s part. It seems to go hand in hand with the increase in viral infections, drops in temperature and a lack of sunshine. Suicides at this time of year are only related, in my humble opinion, to the lack of sunshine.

Death, my dear old friend, is busier during all the winter months than in the summer. Suicides only count for a small percentage of total deaths. As the winter bites and more people become homeless due to their benefits being cut or even stopped, the new people hitting the streets will not be used to sleeping rough at this time of year so many of them could find themselves freezing in doorways. I can’t afford to eat and keep warm so my flat is always cold and I spend so much of my time in bed. Claiming Jobseekers though I still have to get up and apply for jobs Monday to Friday. The only jobs around at the minute, however, are apprenticeships (which I’m applying for anyway even though I’m 60.) or driving jobs where a clean driving licence and access to a car are essential (I’m also applying for these).

I’m getting a few replies telling me I’ve been unsuccessful on this occasion (no s*#t Sherlock) but at least I’m still receiving benefits. Seeing as to how I feel more suicidal at this time of year, I shouldn’t even be looking for work. I don’t think I could afford travel expenses to get to an interview far less get to and from work until I get paid.