So this is Xmas and what have we done?

by davebarclay1954

Another year ending with a new one waiting in the wings. This wind is disgraceful, it blew the back wall down (thankfully no one was injured. But it’s the responsibility of the landlord downstairs to have it cleared and rebuilt.) Anyway, if I didn’t have to go out then I wouldn’t mind so much. However, all the gaps are letting the wind come howling through. Oh to be in England now that Summer has arrived, with rain, sleet and snow, I’m sorry but if I could afford to live anywhere it would most definitely not be here. I hate the cold and Britain never seems to warm up even when the sun shines in the mornings.

Summers here are never very hot, well ok, not all of them anyway. Seems to me we get 1 decent Summer every decade. Not good, winter in Southern California is warmer than our average Summer. My ideal Xmas dinner would be barbecued turkey on the beach, with friends and family in attendance. Dreams are what keep us going, I suppose, and you might as well dream big. Aim for the Stars and you might hit the moon.

If we were unable to dream, then wouldn’t we still be living in caves, hunting for food, living off the land and the occasional fight over territory? Is life better now than it was even just a century ago? I know we have more gadgets now than at any other time in history. We use more electricity than we used to there are more cars around than there were horses at the beginning of the 20th century. Population is continuing to rise, we can feed and clothe everyone on this planet if we share resources. The only currency we should be using is exchange. Food is plentiful in a few countries and scarce in others, why not give the excess to those without? If war stopped then the refugees could go home, those who have and want to give, should be allowed to do so. I know wars help to stop over population but the cost is far too high. Thus endeth the lesson for the death of 2013, roll on 2014 as long as it’s better than the year just gone.