Life is for living and living is free

by davebarclay1954

Thank you so much, dear reader, for your patience with me. My mam died on 20th November 2013, after battling with cancer since 1991 it finally won. She was cremated on Thursday 28th November, and we will scatter her ashes on the anniversary of my brothers death, 17th December, I know the pain has stopped but we all still miss you, Requiescant in Pace.

Death is not an end, merely a passage through to the next stage of existence. No-one has ever returned to tell us what life is like on the next plane, or even if there is a next stage. I believe that death is not the end but our spirit lives on beyond this life, in a place without fear, hate, anger. If only we could attain that here maybe, just maybe, we could conquer death and illness. At the moment everything comes down to finance and greed.

Why can we not live in a world full of love? In the words of our greatest philosopher “Imagine there’s no country, it’s easy if you try”. He was the one making it clear that all you need is love, just maybe, he was right (I believe he was).