Is it wrong to catch a raindrop?

by davebarclay1954

I’m back in town, only for a little while, I love to watch things on TV. Well, my dear old mother-in-law is holding onto life but it can’t be easy. I know she’s in a lot of pain and I wish I could take it away from her. She knows the end is near, but she wants to die at home in familiar surroundings and who can blame her?

This will probably be my last post until after the end, and this will be short and sweet. I think the world of my mother-in-law and it is debilitating watching her grow weaker and more tired day on day. I won’t be seeing her as much due to the cost involved but I hope the end comes quickly, for her sake, yes it will be hard on the rest of us. But I don’t care about us, before mum would only say she was ok, no matter how much pain she was in, now she says how bad the pain is on a sliding scale of 0-10 but those of us lucky few know that her scale is actually 90-100, yes the pain is that bad. I have no-one to talk to, no shoulder to cry on, but I want to ensure I remain upbeat, strong and positive when I do see her.

More posts will come after I’ve said goodbye for the last time.