Well here we are, boy versus girl in the World Series of love

by davebarclay1954

What is love? Is it a strange movement of neurons in the brain? It has plagued artists (poets, singers, songwriters, minstrels, painters and sculptors) since the dawn of time. Even the philosophers have tried to make sense of it all. Why has everyone failed to give us a definitive answer? Could it be a personal emotion? It seems to affect different people in different ways, could this be the reason we are unable to get an answer? Is it subjective, if so why is it so?

I’m asking a lot of questions but giving no answers, because I cannot answer them for anyone, not even myself. Is love tangible? Well we can’t see feel or touch it, so it must be intangible. If it’s intangible, as it must be, does it even exist?

What is love, subject of so many songs
Is it real or imagined
If you find it is it always wrong
Can you taste it, can you feel it?

There must be something strange about emotions which can change your outlook so completely. Put you off your food, leave you feeling shell shocked and, after the thrill has gone, having the blues, feeling heart broken. So what is this feeling we all want? Do we know when we have it, or do we only realise what we had when it’s gone?

Full circle, do we hold onto, or even try to, when feelings of love and affection have cooled? If love turns to hate should we put up with it for any reason? If anyone knows the reason why women, and some men, will stay with a violent or abusive partner, please let me know.