Early one night in the middle of the day

by davebarclay1954

A thought for all of us living with annoying neighbours, is there any need to put up with anti-social behaviour? Some people seem to collect ASBO’s as though they are badges or medals, these are the ones who deserve to have the police calling on them every time they set fires, put through windows, climb into business properties, get drunkly violent, or any other form of anti-social behaviour. If one person reports them for every misdemeanour there is a chance of reprisals, however, if every law abiding person keeps reporting them to the police and the local councils we may be able to recover our peaceful neighbourhoods.

If we can all work together, those who are able bodied as well as the disabled among us, we can stop the rotten apples spoiling our neighbourhoods and forcing us to live in fear. I seemed to be on my own taking on an entire family, mother was serving 3 months for breaching an ASBO, son and 2 daughters were known to the police and the entire family had been hounded all over the town by the local council for their anti-social behaviour. I know how hard it is to be the only voice in the community, it took almost 2 months before others joined in and a further 6 weeks to have their landlord evict them.

When you rent privately the council can only do so much to having you evicted, if the rent is paid when due, the landlord may not want an eviction as he doesn’t know how much damage has been done to his property. Even if he is convinced of the council, and local residents concerns, he has to give at least 28 days notice of his intention. If the bothersome tenants are still there on expiry of the notice to quit, the landlord has to go back to the court and request an immediate order be granted. He then has to turn up with bailiffs and police to forcibly remove the tenant.