I’m leaning on a lamppost on the corner of the street

by davebarclay1954

Ukulele and Rock guitarists, who’d have thought that up? Yet, apparently, when George Harrison (ex-Beatle) was entertaining friends he would get the ukulele’s out for a jam at some point. Very fond of a certain Mr. Formby was George.

Anyway, George was responsible for several strange instruments being utilised in Western Rock music since the 60’s. Again that’s not what I want to discuss here tonight (morning?) rather I would like to talk about a book I’ve picked up again and am currently reading for the first time. The book is a German tenet called My Struggle (Mein Kampf in German). It makes for disturbing reading, however, while giving a little insight into Hitler’s oratory skills.

In this insight he tells of his time in Vienna, prior to the Great War and also laid the foundations for his anti-semitism and the Final Solution, although he hasn’t named it as such. I don’t care how many people of any religion say the Holocaust didn’t happen, there is documented evidence to prove it did.

I am neither for nor against any religion being allowed to worship, in their own temples, as they feel they should. I am not a member of any church, I believe in a superior power, I just don’t believe this power is human in any way, shape or form. The only way I’m going to be proved right or wrong is after death and unfortunately I won’t be able to come back to confirm or deny my belief.

Can anyone enlighten me about anti-Semitism, or indeed anti any religion? Adolf was a great speaker, his ideas were twisted, granted. He did get honest hard working Germans to work. He was the creator behind Volkswagen (translates as people’s wagon) and he knew if Germans from all the Germanic people came together it would prove to be almost unstoppable. That was why he united Germany and Austria ahead of the creation of a new Empire, for Germans.