Have you heard the word?

The word is love, such a small thing love. Yet it comes in many different forms, there is the unrequited love, unconditional love and love which has strings attached. The strongest form of love is unconditional love, such as the love a parent has for a child (sadly not all parents have this). Love is a strong emotion and it can form lasting bonds between people, it can also destroy. I hear you ask how can it destroy, dear reader, so I will explain. Hate is another strong emotion, however, in the face of hatred how many can say why do you hate me when I love you? In this instance where Hate is born out of ignorance (as it mainly is) how many would respond harshly to this love? Not many.

I know there are a few lessons from our (mankind) past which have not taught us. The terrorist and the zealot will hate for their religion, why? Hatred is always born out of ignorance. I think it’s safe to assume that all religious texts (I’ve not studied every religion there is so have to make an assumption here) preach the same thing, which is LOVE.

We should take time to learn, how many of us still live in a secular community? None of us do anymore. Perhaps we should speak to our neighbours, our community, and find out about them, their culture and their beliefs? I’m not saying we should change to accommodate them, they have chosen to live here and just because they have different beliefs should not mean we have to confront them. It also does not give them the right to say that our beliefs are wrong and should not be followed by those of us born here.

After all, had we gone to live in their country would we have been able, or even wanted, to impose our beliefs on them? If we can accept that we are all different, each one of us has something unique to offer, and we can all get along with LOVE guiding our actions then the biggest beneficiary will be our society.