$20 in my hand

by davebarclay1954

Here I am back from the brink, once again I’ve faced my demons and sent them away. A little victory is all I can hope for just now as I’m too weak to fight battles so I have to win the skirmishes, after all subterfuge and sabotage helps the war effort. Keep your friends close and your enema’s closer (or something like that).

I was told something yesterday which made sense to me, unfortunately I can’t remember it all. No doubt those who have Facebook accounts will know the letter to which I refer. I don’t have Facebook as it was becoming more and more unrestricted and unmoderated so that the cyber bullies out there could pick on someone and see how long they could survive. I don’t have an ask account for that same reason. I am on twitter but if I find out anyone I’m following is bullying someone on twitter I immediately unfollow them, if every decent person did the same, blocking them if necessary, we could take back the Internet and keep vulnerable people safe.

I digress, however, the letter was written by a Canadian woman and is aimed directly at the terrorists within the Muslim community who hide behind religion and the Koran (or Quran, or Qoran) and from safety target our troops, by our I mean all the troops trying to find and make safe Afghanistan, Iraq, and the rest of the Middle East, not to conquer but to allow their natives to live without fear. The Taliban insurgents want to remain anonymous to commit terrorist acts against our boys AND natives where the fighting is taking place. These people are cowards, nothing more and nothing less. Anyway, there is a lot to the letter and it is circulating. Can I ask please, if you my, dear reader, know anyone who doesn’t have a Facebook account, and you agree with the sentiments expressed, please copy into an email and send it out to those who would not otherwise have access to it. In this way it can spread and maybe, just maybe, get to someone who can convince the Taliban and Al Qaeda to give up their terrorist activities and to join the people of the Middle East to build a safe, secure, peaceful future for the children.

Thank you for reading, may your God go with you.