Waiting for the man to come

by davebarclay1954

Gosh, it’s been over a week since I last posted anything on here! Have I really been that manic, or depressed, for that long? The answer is yes I can, and yes I have been. But enough of me, I don’t want to continually talk about my mental health so today I’m gonna talk about someone else’s mental health issues! Just for a change, not really.

I’ve been having trouble sleeping in the heat wave we’ve (some of us anyway) have been enjoying over the last few weeks. I love the sun and do try to spend time out doors to enjoy nature and the natural world. I also enjoy “people-watching” as it fascinates me how many of us actually do it. I’ve seen some really pretty women struggling to avoid wardrobe malfunctions with a skirt or dress, only to look around and see how many are watching her and most hoping the wardrobe is going to malfunction revealing more flesh than the woman is comfortable with.

I also notice how frustrated parents seem to be with their offspring these days. I saw one dad grab his son and drag him away from the bin he (the child) was trying to put his litter in. What lesson are you teaching your son, brother? You’re teaching him that only idiots use the bins that’s what. Children are, initially at any rate, taught by example, so the next time you’re walking the dog with the kids present pick up its mess and don’t leave it for others to tread in.

Skipping back to the wardrobe malfunction, the opposite is true, if a woman isn’t bothered about the wind whipping her skirt away to reveal more flesh than intended then hardly anybody is watching her. My ex-sister-in-law told me a tale of the time she went to Jamaica to meet her in-laws and the first day on a beach she noticed most of the women looked stunning but were all topless. Then she noticed every male on the beach was staring at her and the other women who were still wearing bikini tops. Her husband told her if she took her top off then men wouldn’t bother staring. Although she felt nervous she did take it off and noticed, to a man, there was no one staring at her any longer. When she returned to England she told my ex and I that she had tanned evenly all over apart from the white bits at the tops of her legs and stomach and back where the bottoms had been.

In this country we seem to have a mixture of weather, not always very good, but as John Lennon observed in 1968, if the sun don’t shine you get your tan standing in the English rain. So sad that he is no longer with us, and George has followed him to the supergroup in the heavens. Both were proponents of peace and love, John never carried a gun to anyone’s knowledge and George was attacked with a knife at home. Both have gone, John died by bullets and George to Cancer. Those of us who survived the 60’s were saddened, the two main UK groups in that decade had been The Beatles and The Stones. I never really rated The Beatles as a live band, The Stones were better live than their studio output suggested. Of course over the last 50 years The Stones have improved and now their studio output is a lot stronger and a Bigger Bang is the best album they’ve ever released.