A new day yesterday

by davebarclay1954

We can dance if we want to, we can do whatever we want to. We can go wherever the mood takes us. Even without money, without travelling, we can escape the humdrum, even if only for a few minutes or hours. If there’s one thing we all possess it’s imagination. Some times we forget how to use it. It doesn’t leave, just takes some time to start if it’s been unused for a few years.

If you listen to children, they start with an idea and build on that with imagination. We should cherish our imagination and, when we spend time with our children, we should develop their imaginations as well as using our own. I’m not advocating spending time with children you don’t know as that could lead people to think you’re something you’re not (or shouldn’t be). If they’re your children or your children’s children, talk to them and encourage their imaginations. Don’t let them play games on consoles for hours at a time.

Those of us born in the 50’s knew more than those who taught us, we were open to new ideas and used our imaginations to dream things and watch those dreams become reality. If it wasn’t for the likes of Lewis Carroll showing us a glimpse behind the forbidden door would we have chased the rabbit down the hole? Would we have gone to the moon? Would we have developed different ways to communicate? Tech has come along way in the last 50 odd years. When Armstrong, Collins and Aldrin went to the moon, the computer was housed in its own building, had about half the processing capability of a modern pc and cost millions to make and use.

The Internet is a relatively new way of interacting with people from all walks of life and from all over the planet. The concept, however, has been around longer. Just as the mobile, or cell, phone came from the communicators on Star Trek from the mind of Gene Roddenberry and have developed further than mere voice or simple text messages they were originally capable of handling. What do all these gadgets and tech have in common? Someone imagined them, and then set about creating them. Such is the power of imagination.