Please do not adjust your set

by davebarclay1954

What a country of moaners we are today! I overheard some people talking while I was taking a breather complaining that its far too hot this summer! If it was still raining as it did for most of 2012 would they complain then? Of course they would, made me think about a time during my teenage years when it was really hot, temp back then was Fahrenheit not Celsius, this one day the temp was 82 in the shade, my friend and I decided there was a semi decent beach about 7 miles away so we walked there, had a few hours in the sun then headed back home armed with an ice lolly each and a bottle of irn bru between us (pint bottles we had back then).

To cut a long story short, we set off from home at 8:30 in the morning, had us an adventure, got burned, and arrived home at 6 in the afternoon. Both sets of parents were about to call out search parties when we arrived home so we were in trouble. That was common place back then, yes kids were going missing and turning up dead, but not as widespread as it seems now. The world had less yet we made do with what we had and used our imaginations into the bargain.

Nowadays, it seems there are so many gadgets around that all there is to do is complain. Roads are melting in the South, trains aren’t running (no surprise there, it’s either too wet, rain, wrong kind of snow, wrong kind of wind blowing wet leaves onto the tracks or else it’s too hot and the rails are buckling.

For my money, it is often too cold or wet in this country so lets enjoy summer when it gets here as it only seems to turn up once a decade these days.