What a summer

by davebarclay1954

The sun is shining, temperatures climbing, birds singing, bees buzzing, only thing spoiling this wonderful weather we’re having? My feet have come up like balloons, legs are aching and I can hardly move. There’s something about the sunshine, however, that no matter how I feel physically my spirits are lifted and mental perspective improves.

If we could have at least two hours of warm sunshine every day my mental state would only improve. It doesn’t even have to be this hot, just warm enough to not be cold would do. How warm am I talking? Well in the winter a nice temperature is going to take the edge off the cold, about 45, or 46, degrees Fahrenheit would do, high single figures in Celsius maybe 7 or 8? Am I maybe asking too much? After all, if we are on the brink of destroying the Eco system of this planet won’t the planet have something to say? There isn’t anything freaky about the weather, the planet will take an imbalance and use adverse, abnormal or, so-called “freaky”, weather to correct whatever is wrong. If we permit too much to go wrong at the hands of our industrial companies (oil companies being a topical example) then the planet may, as has been hinted, use nature to shut down for centuries, or even millennia, in order to heal itself.

I firmly believe that, just as thunderstorms will correct an imbalance in the electron charge between earth and sky, nature has a vast arsenal to use before total meltdown occurs. Some believe that before the planet becomes uninhabitable then a God will come back to see what we’ve done with this planet. If there is indeed a God, call him what you will, then has he not already turned his back on us?


Is there a reason why artists across the centuries have depicted God in the manner they have? From paintings by troglodytes to statues from Roman and Greek temples, to the pyramids of Egypt and South America, a man with a full head of hair and a beard? Romans and Greeks also worshipped Goddesses, with perfect figures and no blemishes. Are these all false images? Is it not possible that the Gods and Goddesses came from afar? A planet we know nothing about, one long since dead? No, I don’t think we are alone, this isn’t the only inhabited planet around, if life formed here and has been sustained here, then there must be life on other rocks out there. This may be the only planet in orbit around our star which has life, but how many other stars are there?