Let’s sing this all together

by davebarclay1954

Open our hearts and let the warmth in. Apologies to Keef and Mick for paraphrasing, but how often do we sing along and forget the words? Does this happen to the likes of Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger? Songs they’ve written, they are in the middle of singing and then… Whoops that wasn’t the line but did anyone notice? When the likes of Freddie Mercury, Ozzy Osbourne and the late John Lennon forgot the words they let the audience take over, and made a joke of it. (John Lennon even joked at Madison Square Garden New York, he wanted to get his spot over with so he could throw up).

I think our heroes are human, same as the rest of us, with flaws and imperfections just the same, no-one is perfect, no-one is innocent. But, being heroes to some of us their imperfections and flaws are ok. Why do we treat them differently to our peers? (I’m posing the question but have no answers, if you do please comment below).

When I met some of the biggest stars on the planet, did I lose the ability to talk? No. Did I mumble and ask for an autograph, if I had a pen and something to write on yes, otherwise no. Did I respect them absolutely, if they were in a conversation I’d make a passing comment and leave them be. If they were enjoying some time in a restaurant and I was going past I’d let them know I recognised them but not intrude too much. We all need some downtime, unfortunately, when I saw Woody at Heathrow he was at a different check in desk and my queue was longer so I didn’t get the opportunity to say hello.

George Michael, international superstar, said he was lost for words the first time he met his heroes, so it does affect stars the same. I try treating them as fellow travellers on this rock we call home, that way I can talk to them without stammering, it took me years to control the stammer anyway. I met a few unknowns along the way who have become big stars since we played the same venues, sadly not all are still alive so I thank whoever is watching over me that I didn’t leave before now, but I’m well passed my sell by date now. Today is feeling like a good day to die.