Have you seen her all in blue

by davebarclay1954

The Rolling Stones 50 and counting finds them back at Hyde Park on Saturday 13 July, second time this year and it brings back to mind the free concert in 1969, just after Brian’s death, when Mick read a poem to celebrate Brian’s life. What a change when Keef couldn’t find anything nice to say about the man who named the group, lined up the first gigs and kick started their 50 year career.

If I could relive my life would I make the same mistakes again, or would I change anything at all? I have a few regrets, but mainly over opportunities not taken. One thing I do really regret is not getting in touch with my baby to let her know I was returning to the North East, before making the move. I put a letter through the door of her step-mum’s flat but found out that was a mistake. My baby girl never did get told. Now it’s too late and I won’t be the one forcing a split between her and my ex.

Have you seen her dressed in gold, like a queen in days of old, she’s a rainbow. I still have my memories but all the pictures of my time with my baby girl have vanished in the mists of time. I did get some pics from my dad on a USB pen, but that has vanished as well. I know I have two grandsons, but have never met them, or my son-in-law. My daughter has never, and probably will never, forgive me for not letting her know I was leaving for a second time.

If you see her won’t you tell her, I still remember the sun shining through her hair surrounding her face like a halo. I remember when her quick thinking saved my life, the laughs we shared and the tears we cried together. Taking her out to the pub for a few drinks. Going to sleep with her in my arms when we’d spent hours talking about life, troubles and had grown tired together. Funny how the brain works, isn’t it? I started thinking about Brian Jones and from there to the Stones, not a huge leap. Then I was thinking about things I miss, the biggest gap in my life is my daughter, just wish I could patch things up with her because I think about her every single day.