Is there life on Mars?

by davebarclay1954

We all know that Mars cannot sustain human life, it may have been able to at one time but no more. However, can anyone really believe we are alone in the universe? The fact is, there are millions of stars out there any one of them could have a planet within their system which is not only capable of supporting life but does so.

If we cannot have peace between races, religions and even brothers, what makes us think that any visitor from beyond this galaxy will come in peace? Isn’t it more likely that they will arrive to add us to their empire and enslave survivors of the war for domination?

As sophisticated as our weapons have become, isn’t it likely these would be like the weapons used by the Natives of the Americas against the Spanish, or like the Maoris against the British? Any race capable of light speed travel will have weapons far superior to our own, unless (this seems unlikely) they have abolished conflict and embraced peace.

Why does there have to be conflict? The entire universe is expanding, along with the galaxies within it. This is bound to be the result of a violent outburst somewhere in the past. All of Nature is violent, for the strong to survive they will sacrifice the weak, the young, the elderly, the sick and the dying. Why are we going against Nature trying to keep alive those too weak to survive on their own? In a word, Humanity! That’s what makes us different to every other species, personally I think it’s a good thing we are doing.

If anyone reading this has any comments to make on this or any other blog I’ve posted, I’d be glad to hear you. We’re all different, but we’re all the same in so many respects. If you cut anyone of us, regardless of appearance, hair or skin colour, the blood is either bright red or dark red. We need to accept these facts regardless of whether we agree or disagree with their religion, beliefs, or anything else. Maybe then we can find true peace and spread the medicines to those whose need is the greatest, feed everyone on the planet regardless of location. End crime, war and greed; which isn’t going to be easy; and get along with our neighbours.