I’m waiting on a friend

by davebarclay1954

Monday is back again, 3:15 in the morning and I’m still wide awake, had a shower, had milk and cookies, so what is wrong with me? I don’t see the point in going to bed and tossing and turning, if I do that for 15 minutes I get out of bed and find things to do. Is this unusual?

Just as I was about to put some jokes on here I remembered this is a family blog and adult themed humour is therefore inappropriate. However, I would like to say to anyone reading this who is being bullied for being different, be proud of who you are. In the immortal words of the Irish poet and playwright, Oscar Wilde, “the only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about” most bullies are scared so if you get the chance to get one alone and confront him, or her, chances are they’ll back down and walk away. Just remember, you’re better than them so no violence or snide comments and they won’t know what just happened when you walk away.

I think it’s time for meds and maybe then I can go to bed and sleep, not banking on it yet. Enjoy this Monday, Wimbledon tennis starts today, and I hope you have a good day whatever you’re doing.