Boy you been a naughty girl

by davebarclay1954

Why is it that whenever a group of girls get together nowadays they can cause more trouble than lads? Is it down to the blurring (no bad thing, IMHO) of traditional roles and values? Or possibly down to the abuse of alcohol starting much earlier with girls than it used to?

Maybe it’s a combination of both with evolution, after all we’re not standing still, we are always evolving, becoming stronger (in theory, at least). If there were never any alpha females before, we certainly have more than enough now. Women, who have been seen as the tender ones, taking care of home and hearth for the hunter gatherer male, are coming out into the wide world. No longer barefoot and pregnant, tied to the kitchen sink, woman are moving to take their, rightful, place alongside the men, shoulder to shoulder struggling together. This took millennia to happen but now it seems to be gathering momentum and women (not all merely a small percentage) seem to be acting up worse than the male of the species.

Could this be the reason reality tv, depicting the worst of human behaviour, is getting huge viewing figures around the globe? Natural curiosity has never been so easy to satisfy, yet we seem to enjoy watching programs such as bad boys, jail, and other such shows which depict behaviour at its worst. To go back to my original question, not so long ago women could be found in groups with lads, perhaps even egging the lads on, but never getting involved themselves, apart from the occasional cat fight. These days we hear of gangs of girls going out and attacking men. They seem to be following the age old pattern of men learning to hunt by going out in gangs. Where the gangs would stalk and hunt prey in days gone by when the animals were wild, these days there aren’t any animals close enough so the gangs fight each other, now the women are joining in. Where is it going to stop? I think it will keep feeding off itself until we can evolve beyond this phase, given it’s taken millennia to get here it could take millennia to move beyond this.