In my time of dying

by davebarclay1954

I don’t want anyone feeling sad when I leave this mortal coil to join the great gig in the sky. Life is a prelude, not all there is (at least I hope so, but we’ll never know until we die). I may not follow any prescribed religion but I’m an agnostic not an atheist. Who knows, maybe the atheists will be proved right in the end but by then we’ll be gone and past caring. I believe there is a higher being, whether you call Him God, or by any other name is immaterial. I also believe in reincarnation, we are born to learn lessons, live peaceful lives and accept we are all different. The way we live this life will decide if, and when, we are reborn. Time is a concept we use to measure the passage of the seasons, do animals have any notion, or need of, time? I think not.

I hope I’ve made fewer mistakes this time around, and won’t come back too soon. If I return here at all. I know my beliefs are personal to me, which is why I will not try to push them onto others. There have been too many wars fought in the name of religion and, if God is a pacifist as it states in the Bible and the Quran then why have Christians and Muslims fought each other for so long? Since the Middle Ages, wars have been fought between the two religions, which, as far as I can see, both preach peace and frown on anyone taking the life of another.

There have been wars, and conflicts, between different Christian religions as well. Can anyone please tell me why we have to create more powerful weapons, just to stockpile them and hope they never get used? Seems to me, if the technology was put into worthwhile projects, poverty and hunger could become things of the past. Does anyone else share my views on this, or am I just a voice crying in the wilderness?