I pity the poor immigrant

by davebarclay1954

Nowadays there are a few problems with migration, biggest cause? Finance (IMHO) most of the West are still suffering because of the collapse of the banking industry in 2008, and the subsequent bail out instigated by the governments of the time.

But why do I pity the immigrant? We needed action to stop immigrants, who contributed nothing to our economy, coming over and claiming state benefits, along with priority housing, cash for gas and electricity which us natives didn’t receive, even those who had worked for decades.

Tensions were beginning to run high, even before the government decided to cap benefits across the board. Problems arose from this because they didn’t think it through (surprise surprise) and people on benefits in the most expensive areas are losing out, becoming homeless, and in one instance, a mother killed herself rather than live on the streets. Her crime? Living in the home she had shared with her husband since they got married. A house full of happy memories where their children had grown up, and where her husband sadly died.

People like me, suffering from a mental illness, are finding that this government is determined to force us to work for benefit. Not taking things like personal hygiene, getting dressed, or anything else into consideration. There are days, sometimes 3 or more at a time when I will not get out of bed, I don’t wash, I can only shower when someone comes over to help me. I will not answer the phone or the door unless I’m expecting someone to call or I know who is calling me. I may get out of bed, on the days I do get up, at 8 o’clock but I tend to sit around, naked, until I get too cold and then I put some clothes on. Because the weather has turned warm I often sit naked from the time I get up till I go to bed. How would an employer treat me were I to arrive for an interview wearing nothing? If I bothered to turn up at all. Also, due to living alone, if I can’t be bothered to take my meds, I won’t, so all I think about is how to commit suicide without struggling for breath, or deciding that maybe today isn’t the best day to die and struggling to undo the noose or move out of the way of the train.