Dear landlord

by davebarclay1954

Why is it so much trouble to match up good tenants with decent landlords? I’m not talking about myself, I’m a good tenant and I’ve got a brilliant landlord. Recently, I had the neighbours from hell living next door, not sure what the landlord is really like but he’s never offered to put right the damage his tenants caused, or to clear their mess away from my back yard. They broke the gate down so they could take my bins, and one from downstairs, into the back lane and set them on fire. My landlord replaced the green bin, as the council charged for this to be done. A week after I had taken delivery this was set on fire. All the bins they’d set alight in the back lane, along with the tyres and other assorted rubbish was all unceremoniously stacked in my back yard by the fire brigade, the neighbours thought it would be good to dump their cider and lager bottles in the yard as well. The council have stated that if I want this removed I’ll have to pay for it to be taken.

Everyone worries about upsetting the criminal and their human rights, no-one thinks of the rights of the victim. I feel like today would be a good day for all the victims of crime to shout with one voice ENOUGH, we deserve to be treated better than the idiots who have hurt us, robbed us, stabbed us, shot us, ignored OUR rights as human beings for far too long and we demand to be treated with dignity, if not respect, and for the waste left behind by those CRIMINALS to be removed free of charge.