I’m just sitting here reminiscing

by davebarclay1954

Have you ever sat nursing an ache or pain and just let your mind wander? I do that a lot and where my mind goes is often dark and dingy. However, it is my dark and dingy past so that’s why it goes back there.

Someone once told me that people come into your life for a reason, once that reason has been fulfilled they leave again. That explains a lot about my life, I’ve had people come into my life, made friends and lovers out of them, then the spark dies and we drift apart.

There are only a handful of people I would describe as close friends, rather than acquaintances, but even these few have changed over the years. I think it might be me, after all I’m the only constant in my life, family have drifted apart due to my gypsy blood. I can only settle somewhere for short periods of time then feel I have to move. Not sure why, but the longest I’ve ever held down a job is 6 years, admittedly, I’ve been made redundant three times, had one company go bust and was unfairly dismissed from my last employer.