If a man could be two places at one time

by davebarclay1954

That would mean travelling through time, is that ever going to be possible? Well science fiction has become science fact throughout the 20th century. For example in the late 1880’s to 1954 approximately, space travel was science fiction, now it’s science fact. Sending a man to another planet was science fiction but became science fact on 4 July 1969, no coincidence that it was an American spaceship that won that race. Microwave ovens, when I first read about them, were science fiction, now almost everyone has one in their home.

Hobs that heat up very quickly then cool down almost as quickly, again these were science fiction but they are now science fact. Lightweight irons, automatic washing machines and even laptops were dreamt of before the silicon chip. As were small hand held communication devices, look at the first Star Trek series. Things we take for granted now, compact disc, digital music downloads and even the Internet, were dreamt up long before the technology existed. Leonardo da Vinci drew a prototype helicopter before petrol/gasoline had been developed from oil. There are lots of examples in literature about a fantastic world in the future when robots will clean and cook for every household, flying cars will be powered by electricity which will be self sustaining using water, wind and wave technology.

So who can say, that since a lot of this technology now exists, and more, that time travel and space travel with cryonic chambers for the astronauts as there were in 2001, a space odyssey and 2010? If time travel ever does become science fact will we be able to police it effectively? Just so the past doesn’t get altered as that would alter the present and the future. I’ve often thought what would the world be like if someone took the bullet for JFK in 1963? Or stepped up to Mark Chapman on December 8th 1980 and killed him before he had a chance to kill John Lennon? If time travel was possible someone could, in theory, go back and alter history. If there are “multiverses” then this would not be a problem as every possible outcome will have taken place somewhere so our future may be changed to fit that of the universe which originally had that outcome.