Subtle as a flying mallet

by davebarclay1954

Heard the news about a suspected arson attack on a mosque in my old stomping ground of Muswell Hill, London. I hope the police catch those responsible, get enough evidence to convict and the judge has the good sense to bring back the death penalty for them. It remains on the statute but can only be used in extreme circumstances, these are strange times indeed.

On a lighter note, I’ve updated a bug fix for the big movie quiz, I have been unable to play the next 3 levels as they’re locked. Level 9 tells me I have to guess -2 movies on level 8 to unlock it. Level 8 is complete so I can only undo answers if access is granted to do this. The bug fix didn’t work, no surprise there, so I still cannot play level 9. It’s obvious to me the code is written as unlock = 30 correct on stage 8. When it should read unlock => 30 correct on stage 8. It’s not rocket science so why can’t the boffins who created the game put it right when I can? If I had access to the code I could.

Any road up, as the actress said to the bishop, I think it must be bed time, as my eyes are getting heavy, my laptop has given up the ghost and I think I’ll have to turn it off manually and try to sort it out tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, does anyone know where I can lay my hands on their first album?

Till tomorrow (or later on today for those, like me, who are complete pedants).