This is easy

by davebarclay1954

But it don’t come easy, nothing ever does, just don’t ask me how it happens cos I don’t know.

A mix of “It Don’t Come Easy” by Richard Starkey, MBE and “Don’t Ask Me” by Lindisfarne, written by Rod Clements.

When I decided to start a blog, way back when, it was an outlet for me to put my anger and frustration down, I didn’t care whether or not anyone followed me, found it interesting, shocking, or even found it. I certainly don’t consider this forum as a diary, after all who gives a flying duck whether I’m feeling suicidal or hyper or any emotion in between?

I have picked up some followers along the way, no doubt I’ve upset a few more along the way. One thing I do not subscribe to is the theory that every catastrophe is instigated by Western Governments, the CIA or the NSA (No Such Agency). Yes, I believe our Governments are capable of some despicable acts, but to authorise the death and destruction of thousands of their supporters? I don’t believe so.

I felt angry that Lee Rigby, a drummer who had served in Afghanistan, had been butchered close to his home barracks. I vented my frustration, using the blog to put forward arguments that I believe a lot of people felt, which would be picked up by the militant racists who not only live in the shadows amongst us, but from time to time, will enter the arena as gladiators fighting for our rights, when in reality they do nothing of the kind, they fight for themselves and their own narrow-minded bigotry.

What difference does skin colour make? None. What difference does religion make? Again, none. The racist bigots come from all races, purport to follow all religions and are united by their hatred of anyone who is different. Aren’t we all unique? Doesn’t that make us all different? I’m a freak, and I’m weird, but I’m proud of these facts, why? Because I’m different to everyone else? No. Because I stand out in a crowd? No. I’m proud to be a weird freak because I see things differently, from a new and unique perspective. Some get me, the majority don’t but why should that bother me? It shouldn’t and it doesn’t. If you get me then brilliant, you know where I’m at, if I confuse, bewilder or incite a passionate response (non-violent) then that’s cool.

More to me than meets the eye, I’m here today, gone tomorrow, who cares?