Short term memory problems

by davebarclay1954

Does anyone else have problems with their memory? I can recall things I did 20 or 30 years ago but not what I was doing 10 minutes ago. Is this down to the nature of the world or just me? I feel as though I should remember things like eating, whether or not I have had something as well as remember what I had. Appointments should also be remembered, as well as what they’re for. If I don’t make a note in my diary then things do get forgotten.

I can’t help but feel my anxiety stems from not being able to recall items from the recent past, the depression I’ve had since teenage years. Why don’t people want to talk about mental illness? It’s never been discussed much from what I remember, even when my mum was ill and receiving electric shock therapy we would only tell people she’d taken ill and was in hospital. Reminds me of the sex education I received from my parents when I turned 14, there are books in the library that will tell you all you need to know. I already knew, through talking with friends, experimentation with female friends and cousins, more than I ever found out from sex education books. These books gave you the explanations but not the chemistry.

I already knew how to pleasure a woman with fingers and tongue, I’d started to masturbate so was well aware what cum looked like. These things have stayed with me through the years. I’ve also learned that some men are really handsome, sexual attraction does not mean that you can’t appreciate beauty when you see it. Just because a man doesn’t turn me on, sexually, doesn’t mean I can’t see how handsome he may be.

All of this I remember clearly, however, I can’t remember when I went to bed last night, what time I got up this morning, have I taken my meds or even have I eaten yet. If this is just me then I must be going insane.

I’m mad, I know I’m mad, I’ve always been mad, like the most of us have. I’m going slightly mad, I’m not the full shilling, I’m a sandwich short of a picnic. I went to see the dr to get another shrink, he says now tell me about your weekend but he never says what he thinks. Is there anybody out there?