Lists change, fashions change life is constant change

Why are so many people afraid of change? Things around us change constantly, the weather changes, dependant on season and location it can change often or hardly ever. The day changes to night, sometimes after 6 months sometimes within a 24 hour period. Life is a constant battle, after all once you’re born you start to die.

When you become ill, or injured, the pain will change over time. When you lose a loved one, parent, partner or (heaven forbid) a child the pain becomes easier to bear over time. You remember the good times and forget the bad times.

Change can be traumatic, starting over when a loved one dies, or when a partner leaves/kicks you out. Change is sometimes for the best, when you are constantly arguing with the one you live with, when love has died, when children grow up. Why is any change often viewed as a bad thing? Could it be down to the fact that, throughout our history, we’ve noticed violent change as scary? But why not embrace change? Tastes change so architecture we respected and revered decades ago is now dated, should those buildings not be pulled down to make way for new? If shopping is changing (which it is) and more and more goods and groceries are being bought online, would it be a bad change or a good change to lose the “traditional” high street full of shops? Personally, I’d like to see small stores springing up locally, hair dressers, butchers, corner shops and post offices, so there was no need to go to “out of town” precincts, less staff due to online shopping would be offset, I believe, by an increase in the numbers of call centre staff required to help when orders go wrong.

Is this change a bad thing? Let me know what you think.