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Month: May, 2013

And it’s me again

Feel like I’m ready for the slaughterhouse
If I was a horse I’d be shot
Killing me the pain in my legs
Worse than the pain in my neck

Once I was working, now I can’t get a job
Once I had it all, money, women, house
But I was foolish and paid the price
Can’t get on for looking back

Hindsight is always 20/20
Even when forward is less
My vision’s not perfect but its plenty
Good enough here in Folsom Prison

Serving time for killing a man
Wasn’t no more than a dog
He terrorised my neighbourhood
But now he’s dead and gone

I get the injection tomorrow at midnight
Only fair seeing what I done
No chance of a pardon or reprieve
Going down full of remorse

Been a long, long, long time

While listening to Chris Moyles this morning I started feeling down and depressed (yes the weather isn’t all it could be) so thought I’d check out twitter, that’s when I saw a tweet from same Chris Moyles and it said, “Hello Monday… You look rubbish” how nice of him to point that out to the world! So insensitive please excuse me whole of the UK! Please excuse me while I fly off a bridge over the Tyne.

My mummy’s dead

Sunday 10 March, as well as Sunday 12 May were both classed as Mothers Day, the first in the UK and last Sunday was International Mother’s Day.

My mum died in July 1985, I remember the year better than the day as it was the year of Live Aid. The day my mum died, however, I remember and think I always will. I used to call over to see if Mum wanted anything and to have a chat about the unimportant things we could talk about. The Wednesday my mum passed I was down in Basingstoke picking up the kids for their summer holidays. It was just one of those unfortunate events, I’d told mum that I’d call over on the Sunday after dinner with her granddaughter (my daughter) and we’d spend the afternoon with her and dad. I left on the Tuesday night to travel by coach, arriving in Basingstoke at midday. Apparently mum died about then, so I’d have discovered her body had it been a normal Wednesday.

I still miss my mum, we used to shoot the breeze but I think it helped us both having the opportunity to talk about life, without worrying about anything. I know I looked forward to spending a couple of hours where it was just the two of us, nobody else around. Both my brothers were working and we were all married and had flown the nest. Because I was a full time (im)mature student and had Wednesday afternoons free, I checked up on mum then, on my way home.

Sorry this is getting harder to write so I’m gonna leave off, but one thing I will stress please take care of your mum while you have her, even if its just one day a year.

Peace Pilgrim quote

If you realised how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.

Every other day?

Well, here I am again dear reader, missed yesterday (although it still feels like the 11th to me). Thought I’d catch up with some of those wonderful blogs of yours that I’m following. Seems as though some people on here have similar, or worse, problems than I do. And still manage to post every day.

Where am I going wrong? I’ve decided to keep this short so that I can get off to bed before the sun comes up, if my earache goes soon. I’ve tried olive oil but that’s not worked so far. Anyway, think I’d better take my meds and try and get some sleep.


I really must keep forcing myself to write something daily, I managed it last month after all. Why is it that caffeine, being a stimulant, affects us in different ways? Some people drink coffee or soft drinks with a high caffeine content to remain alert and awake. Others will become hyper with the effects of caffeine and still others, myself included, find caffeine ineffective for any of these. However, if I have a decaf coffee I’m bouncing off the walls, it gives me a totally different effect to the one it’s supposed to give.

Lets try and see why that might be the case, I started drinking tea from an early age, caffeine content of tea is relatively low, I know, but after meals I’d be given a bottle of weak tea and, often, I’d fall asleep before finishing it. Could this be a deciding factor now? From the age of 9 I started smoking, drinking coffee as well as tea, so could this have helped me to develop an immunity to caffeine?

Some of my friends while I was working in Edinburgh used Horlicks to go to sleep, it would have no effect on me whatsoever but I could drink an espresso, or even a double espresso, and fall straight to sleep. I’ve managed to survive most of my life on cat naps. I can go to bed early hours of the morning (these days I need at least 5 hours so I don’t nap during the day) get up at 6, grab a coffee and then leave to go to work. In the evenings I’d grab about 30 minutes nap time and that’d be enough to keep me going till at least 1 in the morning.

For those who are just discovering my blog, you may be wondering what this drivel has to do with the title, those who have been coming here for a while will know that I give my blogs titles before I start writing them and I tend to go with the flow. I start off with a title suggested by a piece of music, or a song I’ve heard recently, or an idea that pops into my mind. Then when I start creating the piece of prose or poetry I’ll go where the muse takes me, I never change the title afterwards because the title kicked off the creative juices.

I’ve forgotten where I was going before, this is probably a good place to end, finish, say goodbye, until the next time we meet on here, have a good day, it’s Friday and the weekend is here, hope you have a good one.

I’m feeling truly humbled

I’d like to start off by saying a huge thank you to all the new followers I’ve gained, and to thank all those who are already following this blog. As a complete madman, thank you all so much. I will try to keep myself together from now on but I’m not promising as, anyone who has followed me for a while will attest to this, I keep forgetting what I wasn’t going to write about until its done and ready to publish.

As my good friend and mentor once told me, suffer from a mental illness and no-one cares, find some like minded people, become famous and still nobody gives a shit about your mental illness as long as it allows you to keep being creative! Sadly, Syd Barrett is no longer with us.

Anyway, I was going to write this blog tonight (this morning?) in order to get my thoughts in order (sorry pun was intended) I decided to have a look at my notifications and discovered I’ve got another 15 followers, mind blowing stuff. I know I was popular at school and afterwards but I’ve never had a fan base before. Mind I’m not sure this counts as a fan base but I hope you know what I’m trying to say.

Words can be misinterpreted and we all know that, especially written words. Anyway who thinks hearing something can be jumbled quicker than the written word should remember with written words punctuation is key. For example in the sentence “Queen Mary was laughing and joking thirty minutes after her head was cut off”, 2 well placed commas can make more sense out of it. Answers on a stamped undressed elephant to the usual place with the answers please.

Okay my dear people, here are my thoughts randomly selected from somewhere in my memory bank. If someone is born in one country, brought up in another one and educated in a third, does he have dual nationality, triple nationality, or is he just a fully paid up subscriber to the human race?

Why is it called rush hour when nothing moves? If John is a farmer then he will sow seeds, Mary is a tailor so she sews, if they’re both sowers/sewers why can we say it but not write it? Why is midnight known as the witching hour as it doesn’t exist on a 24 hour schedule, time goes from 23:59 to 00:01, midnight should be 00:00 but that can’t be correct as, surely, there can no longer be a time zero, that must have been when the Big Bang occurred.

We all remember where we were and what we were doing whenever cataclysmic events occur, why can’t we remember unimportant dates the same? Now I’ve asked the questions that were keeping me awake I feel quite tired so think I’ll poodle off to bed, goodnight one and all, if anyone knows any of the answers please feel free to tell me on the back of a ¬£50 note is preferable but smaller donations will also be accepted.

On with the show

Here we are again, and here I go
From what’s gone we should know
It’s all fun and meaningless
Not a game for children no

Lets get on with the show
Sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll
Lights are down so here we go
Is it real or fantasy, death comes for all

I’ve been dancing with Mr. D.
That’s D for Death the reaper
It’s such a high when you die
But this game only ends one way

He wins, you lose, he claims another soul
What’s the point in worrying you die
That’s what happens to everything
You live briefly then pass without anyone noticing

Oh help me please dr

I’m damaged, today is the day I’m too wed. Opening lines to 1 of the ultimate anti-wedding songs of all time, this track “dear doctor”, is from the Rolling Stones album ‘Beggars Banquet’. The album was a back to basics from the Stones following the “failure” of their sojourn into psychedelia with ‘Their Satanic Majesty’s Request’.

Arguably the song which made living together more socially acceptable, during the “Swinging 60s” the lines between visual arts and music became blurred, thanks in part to the big 5 British R&B groups of the decade: The Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd, Cream and The Beatles. This trend was quickly absorbed and followed across the pond in the USA by groups as diverse as The Byrds, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Country Joe McDonald and The Fish.

I remember in 1969 going to the cinema to watch Woodstock, which had nothing to do with peanuts. I was blown away by the spectacle and the fact that no radio station would have dared play the song which had the entire cinema audience singing along, Feel Like I’m Fixing To Die. This song was not only anti-war but also slated the USA troops in Vietnam. You should take time out to listen, it’s still not dated, but some of the lyrics are redundant. Although, thanks to Kim Jung Un, the worlds attention is once again focused on South East Asia, this time Korea.

Am I becoming philosophical as I approach old age? The answer, actually is no, I’ve always had a philosophical outlook. Were I alive in Greek or early Roman times I’d have taught philosophy in the open air, but today the new wave philosophers are largely ignored (my preference), ridiculed or even persecuted by the masses. A few have achieved fame (Jim Morrison), some died young, some lived to ripe old ages.

I don’t believe I do

Something happened to me yesterday, something flew right through me. For those old enough to have lived through the 1960s they may recognise those lines as being by the Stones who roll. What I’m not sure of is which album the track is from, can anyone please enlighten me?

On a less serious note, I found a highly addictive game last time my son and I sat down and looked for something to play together. Not everything is as easy as it looks so we found a web site with the answers. However, since the last upgrade to the puzzle we’ve been struggling to find answers. For instance we look for an 8 letter word and the answer only contains 6, or we might be looking for a 3 letter word and the answer contains 7.

None of the links now work as they once did and some of the clues aren’t even found anyway. This is a trivial matter I know but it’s been driving me crazy for the past 6 days. Any road up, as the actress said to the bishop, this isn’t what I wanted to discuss today.

Has anyone else ever had black outs? Dizzy spells, falls? Of course you have, everyone has these from time, but do you have constant migraine style headaches to go with them? No I hear you say, well from time to time yes but not constant I hear some of you add. Wouldn’t you think that a modern health service would be able to diagnose the root cause and do something about it? Yes I do too, but I’ve got doctors, consultants and neurosurgeons stumped as to why this is happening. If you don’t live in the UK then you may not know that our National Health Service, which was set up after WWII to treat everyone according to need, is slowly being privatised by the Government, who were not given a mandate to govern in 2010 no matter what they think, which will once again force the working class to suffer without recourse to medical attention.

This country, in the 21st century, is going backwards so fast it would make your head spin, the austerity measures, which are not borne by the wealthy (they have been given tax cuts and other financial packages so they remain wealthy), have driven this country to, not only a second dip, but a third, are being criticised by the opposition Labour Party and the International Monetary Fund as cutting too deep, too quickly to aid regrowth.

Anyway, enough of that, I love this country and would love to see a recovery where those who are able to work have jobs, those who were born elsewhere and want to settle here aren’t given any support when they arrive, just a work permit so they have to work and don’t send the benefits bill through the roof. If the government took a look at the way benefits are currently paid they’d see that those who contribute nothing, and were not born here, receive much more than those born here, who can’t find jobs because more firms are closing than those hiring or are too ill to look for work.

I really don’t see why we have to keep Abu Qatada, who is anti-democracy, anti-Christian and a huge burden to a government strapped for cash. If Brussels won’t allow us to deport him then we should hand him over to them! He is a bigger threat to internal security than the Irish Republicans ever were, and some would argue they had a better case for violence than today’s Muslims. I know not all Muslims are terrorists, but the vast majority of terrorists today are Muslim.

Hope I gave you something to think about, feel free to disagree with me after all that’s what’s so special about Western democracy we all have our own views and can express these. In the Middle East and Asia how many are jailed or executed for expressing dissatisfaction with their rulers?