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Greatest … Of all time

Lists such as the 100 greatest anything are always subjective, and I’ve found it impossible to create a definitive list for publication as I make a list, say of the 100 greatest albums of all time, once it’s finished I’ll take time out to chill before reviewing the list. Then I’ll make amendments thinking this album is better than that. The list changes depending on my mood, time of day, what I’m listening to at that time, etc.

Does anyone else have these problems? I’m sure we all do but when there’s a deadline to meet then you have to come up with a list and live with it. Anyway, I dabbled briefly with artworks the other day and at the time I was going to give you my top 5, but for some reason I only put 4 in their and 3 of those were for the same album. Once I’d hit the publish button I realised my mistake but had already changed my mind. Here is my (current) list of the best, in MHO, of the 5 best album covers of, now at this moment in time, all time.

5 – David Bowie, The Man Who Sold The World


4 – Roxy Music, Country Life


3 – The Beatles, Revolver


2 – Roxy Music, Roxy Music


1 – The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band


Bubbling under these 5 at the moment are 2 by the Rolling Stones, 2 by Pink Floyd and 1 by P!nk to complete the top 10.

The elephant and the kangaroo

The elephant and a kangaroo were talking in the jungle one day, following elephants escape from the zoo.

What’s it like to fly, asked elephant loudly.

I don’t know said kangaroo, I’ve never mastered the art.

The elephant’s a funny bird,
It flits from bough to bough
It makes its nest in the rhubarb tree
And whistles like a cow.

The kangaroo’s a funnier beast
It floats on the wind like a kite
Don’t ask it to hang around
Because it just might

Kangaroo poo smells awful
Looks almost as good
If it lands on top of you it
Will do you no good.