Just shows to go you

by davebarclay1954

One quip as you play Devil’s Advocate and bang, you lose all your followers at a single stroke. I have been appalled, but not surprised, by the reaction of ordinary people and racists and bigots who have tried to burn mosques with innocent men, women and children inside. I think the police have to crack down on those involved as firmly and as swiftly as they have done with the militant Muslims. The Qoran, as does every Holy Book, preaches love, tolerance and understanding, exactly the same as the Bible followed by Christians everywhere.

I am not a religious person any more, but I will die to protect the rights of anyone to follow their chosen religion in safety, no matter what a minority of thugs claiming to follow their religion have done. This used to be a country opposed to Fascists and yet, it seems to me, Fascists are walking amongst us today.

All it takes for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing.