Here I go again

by davebarclay1954

Following the holiday weekend, I’ve got a hospital appointment to discuss my next major operation but the DWP think I’m well enough to get a job. How many employers would be willing to take someone on for 6 to 8 months before letting them go off on the sick for anything up to 24 months? I can’t think of any either, that’s why I’m appealing against that decision.

My friend, who finds walking almost impossible, failed with his appeal as he, apparently, is not ill enough. He uses crutches to get around all the time and has never been over to see me as I live on the 1st floor with no lift.

Everyone knows that the benefit shake up and austerity measures imposed by this coalition are designed with the Tory desire to make those at the top of the tree better off at the expense of those at the bottom. They can’t be seen to make life easier for the wealthy minority so they are making those poor at the bottom worse off, after all, if a few or a few thousand, sick and disabled die who will care?

Less people then to vote against the Tories come election time. ‘Nuff said.