Some people never can tell

by davebarclay1954

I’m back again and wondering if anyone else saw the post on Facebook from an unknown person? I don’t have a Facebook account myself but I was told what it said by my daughter when she rang this evening.

Basically, this person was telling the dogs who come into our country to preach hatred, lies and half truths to make this country feel more like the one they left should turn around and go back there. We don’t need them, we don’t want them, and they would be no burden on our over stretched welfare system.

English should be the only language spoken, after all those immigrants from Jamaica, India and Pakistan who came over in the 50’s, as well as the Czech’s, Poles, Italians and French who have been coming here to live and work for over a century, all learned English. My mastery of other languages is non-existent but I try whenever I’m abroad to learn at least some phrases in whichever language the natives speak.

The thing is, people think I’m a racist, but I’m not. I couldn’t care less what colour someone’s skin is. The only thing I ask is that they follow their chosen beliefs without trying to ram it down our throats. I don’t try to convert them to paganism so why do they try to force me to become Muslim? Christians leave me alone and that’s all I ask of anyone. We have a multicultural society and that’s a good thing for anywhere. I enjoy myself without annoying anyone so why can’t others do the same?

If the Welsh, Irish and Scots have all learned English (some may speak there own brand of Gaelic when with others who understand it) why can’t those who come from the Middle East and seek asylum here? I believe the Australian President (or Prime Minister) is passing judgement on those seeking entry to Oz that English has to be spoken and understood before anyone can apply for citizenship. Quite right in my opinion. After all we get a lot of foreign students in the UK from Asia who have managed to learn English as well as get to grips with the subjects being taught in our Universities.

What is the big thing about hiding your face? Because most of the modern terrorists are Arabic Muslims (a minority we know as not all Muslims are terrorists, only a very small minority give us cause for concern) the Muslim communities feel they are being targeted, we have to let them know they can come here, work and pay taxes like the rest of us do and be welcomed into our community. However we will not give up our traditions, anymore than we would ask them to change for our sakes were we to move to the country they recently called home.

I think I’ve said enough, but the Muslim communities where these terrorists live must have an idea of who they are. We should encourage the majority to give up the minority living among them so we can all get along together.