No apologies part 2

by davebarclay1954

I realise my words have upset some of the conspiracy brigade out there. For that I am sorry, for you and your misguided ideas that everything is a plot by all Governments to unite all people on the planet under some dictator and his oppressive regime. I have listened to the conspiracy rumours surrounding 9/11 and, for the most part, they don’t hold any water. I feel more sorrow for the fear felt by the children in school, where they should have felt safe but didn’t, as this atrocity took place outside a primary school, just before the end of their day.

I am a believer in non-violence but these animals take that as a sign of weakness and there are lots of decent people out there, Muslims as well, who are going to be wrongly targeted merely because a few rotten apples have tarnished their religion to try and overthrow Christianity.

I couldn’t care less about someone’s sexual inclinations, religious beliefs, skin colour, as long as they respect my right to live in this country which I was born in, in peace and with the same respect I show them. After all there is nothing stopping them from turning around if they don’t approve of our way of life and head back to whichever hell hole and rock they crawled out of because they sure as hell have never been anywhere civilised before coming here.

I make no apology for the statement made in either of these blogs. I know I’m not alone feeling enough is enough and if our leaders won’t act then what choice do we have? It’s come down to war being declared on our streets by a faceless invisible enemy to scared to show their true colours before they commit terrorist acts. I say bring them on, lets really give them something to fear and make them think twice about coming here and bringing their war mongering rhetoric to these great nations.