No apologies One Of Our Heroes Killed In London Is A Threat To Us All

by davebarclay1954

Why is it that Muslim terrorists are allowed to knock down, kill and mutilate one of our heroes in the streets of London? Because our government are too frightened to act on suspicions from the security services in this country and the USA. We deserve better from our politicians than they have given us, and our brave men and women fighting on our behalf to keep these atrocities away from us here at home.

Decent law abiding citizens, Christian, Seikh and Muslim, who are looking to our leaders to act swiftly to bring these animals to justice will not stand by too often when these terrorist dogs go out on a killing spree. These were not the only 2 jihadists who have been corrupted by the lies perpetrated by the likes of Abu Qatada, as well as fighting a war on terror in the Middle East, I say we take it to the cowardly dogs at home as well. Arm our soldiers at home and give them the authority needed to react with deadly force to any perceived threat. Arm our police, as those in other countries are armed and allow them to use deadly force against anyone, regardless of colour, creed or indoctrination, who is threatening the lives of innocent civilians.

We no longer have the death penalty in this once Great country of ours, that’s why those dogs killed on the streets of London a HERO, 20 years old without giving him a chance to defend himself.

We, the decent people of this country, not only despise these terrorists but, if no-one else will take them on and will be prepared to use deadly force to stop them WE WILL TAKE MATTERS, AND THIS FUCKING WAR OF THEIRS, RIGHT BACK AT THEM WHEREVER THEY MAY BE FOUND!