by davebarclay1954

I really must keep forcing myself to write something daily, I managed it last month after all. Why is it that caffeine, being a stimulant, affects us in different ways? Some people drink coffee or soft drinks with a high caffeine content to remain alert and awake. Others will become hyper with the effects of caffeine and still others, myself included, find caffeine ineffective for any of these. However, if I have a decaf coffee I’m bouncing off the walls, it gives me a totally different effect to the one it’s supposed to give.

Lets try and see why that might be the case, I started drinking tea from an early age, caffeine content of tea is relatively low, I know, but after meals I’d be given a bottle of weak tea and, often, I’d fall asleep before finishing it. Could this be a deciding factor now? From the age of 9 I started smoking, drinking coffee as well as tea, so could this have helped me to develop an immunity to caffeine?

Some of my friends while I was working in Edinburgh used Horlicks to go to sleep, it would have no effect on me whatsoever but I could drink an espresso, or even a double espresso, and fall straight to sleep. I’ve managed to survive most of my life on cat naps. I can go to bed early hours of the morning (these days I need at least 5 hours so I don’t nap during the day) get up at 6, grab a coffee and then leave to go to work. In the evenings I’d grab about 30 minutes nap time and that’d be enough to keep me going till at least 1 in the morning.

For those who are just discovering my blog, you may be wondering what this drivel has to do with the title, those who have been coming here for a while will know that I give my blogs titles before I start writing them and I tend to go with the flow. I start off with a title suggested by a piece of music, or a song I’ve heard recently, or an idea that pops into my mind. Then when I start creating the piece of prose or poetry I’ll go where the muse takes me, I never change the title afterwards because the title kicked off the creative juices.

I’ve forgotten where I was going before, this is probably a good place to end, finish, say goodbye, until the next time we meet on here, have a good day, it’s Friday and the weekend is here, hope you have a good one.