I don’t believe I do

by davebarclay1954

Something happened to me yesterday, something flew right through me. For those old enough to have lived through the 1960s they may recognise those lines as being by the Stones who roll. What I’m not sure of is which album the track is from, can anyone please enlighten me?

On a less serious note, I found a highly addictive game last time my son and I sat down and looked for something to play together. Not everything is as easy as it looks so we found a web site with the answers. However, since the last upgrade to the puzzle we’ve been struggling to find answers. For instance we look for an 8 letter word and the answer only contains 6, or we might be looking for a 3 letter word and the answer contains 7.

None of the links now work as they once did and some of the clues aren’t even found anyway. This is a trivial matter I know but it’s been driving me crazy for the past 6 days. Any road up, as the actress said to the bishop, this isn’t what I wanted to discuss today.

Has anyone else ever had black outs? Dizzy spells, falls? Of course you have, everyone has these from time, but do you have constant migraine style headaches to go with them? No I hear you say, well from time to time yes but not constant I hear some of you add. Wouldn’t you think that a modern health service would be able to diagnose the root cause and do something about it? Yes I do too, but I’ve got doctors, consultants and neurosurgeons stumped as to why this is happening. If you don’t live in the UK then you may not know that our National Health Service, which was set up after WWII to treat everyone according to need, is slowly being privatised by the Government, who were not given a mandate to govern in 2010 no matter what they think, which will once again force the working class to suffer without recourse to medical attention.

This country, in the 21st century, is going backwards so fast it would make your head spin, the austerity measures, which are not borne by the wealthy (they have been given tax cuts and other financial packages so they remain wealthy), have driven this country to, not only a second dip, but a third, are being criticised by the opposition Labour Party and the International Monetary Fund as cutting too deep, too quickly to aid regrowth.

Anyway, enough of that, I love this country and would love to see a recovery where those who are able to work have jobs, those who were born elsewhere and want to settle here aren’t given any support when they arrive, just a work permit so they have to work and don’t send the benefits bill through the roof. If the government took a look at the way benefits are currently paid they’d see that those who contribute nothing, and were not born here, receive much more than those born here, who can’t find jobs because more firms are closing than those hiring or are too ill to look for work.

I really don’t see why we have to keep Abu Qatada, who is anti-democracy, anti-Christian and a huge burden to a government strapped for cash. If Brussels won’t allow us to deport him then we should hand him over to them! He is a bigger threat to internal security than the Irish Republicans ever were, and some would argue they had a better case for violence than today’s Muslims. I know not all Muslims are terrorists, but the vast majority of terrorists today are Muslim.

Hope I gave you something to think about, feel free to disagree with me after all that’s what’s so special about Western democracy we all have our own views and can express these. In the Middle East and Asia how many are jailed or executed for expressing dissatisfaction with their rulers?