First of May

by davebarclay1954

Here I am, fresh from a month of poetry. I will try to keep the pace up and write something every day in May, pain and depression allowing. I won’t make any promises, however, as there may be some days when I’ve got lots on and can’t find time. These I will try to keep to a minimum, suppose instead of prose I could write a little poetry. I know these aren’t as good as some that I’ve read but I am trying (my ex-wives would say very, all 4 of them).

First day of a new month, not a lot of April rain so hopefully the ground can begin to dry out after 11 months where it seemed to rain every day! (It didn’t but it felt as though it did) I’m turning the page today and taking this opportunity to (try and) pick myself up, brush off the dust, blow out the cobwebs and start getting my life back on track.

I’m also looking to restart my first book, keep it real, make it readable and, this time, enjoy myself reliving those memories. I’ve had a full life, full of ups and downs (more downs) plenty of good times, either fuelled by drink, drugs or adrenaline mainly. I’ve achieved not a lot, but, unlike some of my friends, I’ve made it all the way through to 59 in 2013!

There have been times when I didn’t think I’d make it to my next birthday, there have been more failed suicide attempts than I care to remember, but I’m here today, the first of May, the first 1st of a month since I turned 59 and I’m gonna make the most out of the time I have left.

I hope you will stay with me, new friends and old, while I put my thoughts, feelings, fears and good times down on this blog. I don’t have a solid network of people around me, I’ve always gone for quality of friends rather than quantity, I’m a good person to have in your corner but do have a nasty streak.

Anyway, lets see if we can’t make this year of 2013 the best one ever and I’m looking forward to the next 12 months with anticipation (first time in a long time), trepidation and just a smattering of fear. Here’s to all the support I’ve received from this site and you all know who you are and I thank each and every one of you. You’ve helped, probably more than you’ll ever know. Remember friends, today is the first day of the rest of your life, make it count.

On a lighter note, I’m reminded of a quote I used to see in the late 70s:
Why worry?
You only have 2 things to worry about: either you are ill or you’re well, if you’re well there’s nothing to worry about.
If you’re ill there’s only 2 things to worry about: either you’ll recover or you’ll die. If you recover there’s nothing to worry about.
If you die there’s only 2 things to worry about: either you’ll go to Heaven or Hell. If you go to Heaven there’s nothing to worry about. If you go to Hell you’ll be too busy catching up with friends to worry, so why worry?