National poetry month is almost done

by davebarclay1954

I’m feeling really pleased with this month, I’ve written a poem every day apart from 2 and both times I’ve written 2 the following day. I’ve also written a few blogs, which, considering the month I’ve had, is pretty good going.

I will try to keep the momentum going into next month and beyond as I want to improve as a writer and the only way to do that is to keep writing. Of course, if I’m not here then I can’t keep going, but as long as I’m drawing breath and can sit comfortably then I will keep going. Over the next 3 days I want to finish reading some of the new blogs I’ve found this month, post 3 more poems at least and find some topics for new posts so I keep writing myself.

Life seems to always be a struggle for me, whenever it seems to be on an even keel and I’m improving my lot, I end up worse than when I started. I can’t keep on this way lurching from crisis to catastrophe every few years, today I’ve turned 59 which is why I’m taking stock in this way, I have made mistakes in my life but only have 1 regret.

I don’t regret anything I’ve done, my only regret is that aged 17, I didn’t follow my dream when everyone else backed out I should’ve gone to Australia, my life would’ve taken a different path if I had, which wouldn’t have been so bad really. I love my children so much, which is why I have no other regrets. I think I’ve run out of happy thoughts so will leave you till tomorrow, dear reader.