Sitting in a rainbow

by davebarclay1954

Well, more than half way through April, halfway towards completing the poetry month and so far I’ve kept to 1 a day. I’m quite impressed with myself.

Anyhoo I’ve been listening to several groups who turned 50 last year, the Stones and the Small Faces mainly but not exclusively. Got me thinking of a group started in 1957 but the final line-up wasn’t in place till 1962 but the last remaining members haven’t announced any plans to do anything together to celebrate. Rich and Paul come on guys, your group led to the rise of the Stones and countless others who came after.

Enough music rants, isn’t it strange how memories can be triggered by music, smells and pictures of places that no longer exist. How wonderful is the brain, and when it goes wrong it becomes quite magical. In my mind, for instance, I’m generally quiet and controlled but every so often I become a complete psychopath. In my mind I’ve killed millions of outrageous hordes, Roman soldiers, Huns under Ghenghis Khan, Trojans, Greeks, Germans under Adolf Hitler and Russians under Josef Stalin.

Is this a repressed series of past lives or just the scrambling of a lunatic brain? Where does the word lunatic originate? Lunacy is something taboo but why is that? Sex used to be taboo but is now in the open. Politics used to be private now it’s becoming like an American Presidential circus where the winner is determined, not on policies but on looks. Because Ed is more photogenic than his brother David he won the Labour leadership. Both have the same commitment to make this country great again, by being fairer. I hope Ed comes across, in the General election due in 2 years time, better than Cameron. We can’t afford another 2 years of the poor being victimised and made homeless by the Tory policies designed to make the rich appear richer.

I’ve said enough, have I said too much? That’s me sitting in the corner losing my religion.