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Cooking for 1 in a world of couples

Whenever I go shopping seems like everything is pre packed in either huge family packs or else it’s enough to feed 2 big eaters. I’ve found out that my local shops contain a butchers and he does pre packed meat as well as loose, veg (all fresh) and that allows me to buy what I need without wasting anything.

It may be more expensive per portion but because there’s no waste it actually saves me money. Because I’m one of the so called “lazy thieving bastards” trying to get by on Employment and Support Allowance due to being physically and mentally too ill to hold down a job at the moment.

I know the Government wants everyone to work for their benefits but when the proper workforce resent those of us who’ve been unemployed for more than a year and pay us compliments like the quote above is it any wonder this policy was rejected by the Iron Lady herself?

I feel that I should be glad now that Thatch is dead, but I feel empty inside, no joy no regret and her legacy (greed, selfishness and self satisfaction) is still with us and being propagated by Cameron. For all his talk of “the Big Society” he holds Thatch in such high esteem that there can be NO SOCIETY under his leadership and, once again, the right wing has proven that if you can’t make the wealthy richer then make the impoverished poorer. After all if the weak, infirm and unemployed can’t afford to live and end up dead who will mourn them? Most of those who survived the last conflict are gone as well so why do anything for the troops returning injured, physically or mentally, from current conflicts? Make it impossible for charities to receive any assistance from government, both local and central, after all who cares if everyone is looking out for #1?

Bull in a china shop

Is it real is it fun
To smash things up
While on the run

Could it be this is me
Doomed to live this way
For all eternity

When I find I can’t move
Is it real is it fake?
Wanna jump off the roof