Easter Sunday and still it snows

by davebarclay1954

I’m convinced the times they are a-changing, to quote Bob Dylan. We used to have sunshine and showers through Spring but nowadays we only seem to have 2 seasons cold and wet, followed by freezing and wet. Can’t remember the last time we had a summer, wish I was rich and could move to the USA, living in an apartment on love street. I feel my time has passed when I was busy making other plans.

My friends and I were fascinated hearing and reading about the “savages” who needed to be civilised by the sophisticated Europeans. The Native Americans, Aborigines and the tribes in Africa all lived in harmony with nature, killing only what they needed to stay alive. Making clothes from the skins, feet covering from the hardest hide. What did the civilised Europeans do in America? Hunted native animals to the brink of extinction or beyond, once an animal is extinct it’s lost forever, and anything higher on the food chain becomes less likely to survive.

I know depression is no excuse but everything has been getting on top of me again. I know I should have everything under control but, as anyone who has ever had chronic depression or bi-polar, will tell you this is not always easy. I’ve found if I get out of bed and get dressed then half the battle is won. Sometimes it can take me hours to decide to get dressed, especially in this cold weather. I find on bad days (and there have been so many of these recently) that I start things and then leave them half finished.

This blog is a case in point. I started this Easter Sunday, two days ago, and am only finishing it off today. Once I feel I can’t write anymore this will be published as 2 days is the limit before I discard another post.